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What you'll learn

Learn the best way to make extra money with our personal investment short courses in Sydney.

Imagine earning an extra $2000 a month, every month, without leaving your home? Whether you’re saving for a post-Covid holiday, need to pay school fees or cover the bills, starting an online side gig outside of your career can be highly profitable, creatively fulfilling, rewarding and fun.

Some people build a side gig because, while they enjoy their job, they need some extra cash. Some are keen to take the leap into full-time self-employment but want to minimise the risk by first testing the waters. Others are looking to use their time within school hours to develop their hobbies or use their talents to bring in some cash. Whatever your situation, building a side gig is a smart idea.
The hard and soft skills we develop in this build a side business course can be applied to your current and future jobs, enabling you to be more flexible, more resilient, more creative and capable.

Some great enterprises that started as side gigs include Messina Gelato, Dinosaur Designs, The Skater App and, of course, Facebook and Apple Computers.

You are welcome to join this build a side business course if you already have a side gig or business and want to develop this further or learn new digital marketing skills. However, please don’t take this course for entertainment. It’s a serious business course and you’ll be expected to apply what you’ve learnt and created a real side business. Stop dreaming – start doing!

Learning outcomes

By the end of this build a side business course, you should have:

  • launched your online side gig!
  • written a simple marketing plan
  • understood essential digital marketing skills in Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, Typeform, Eventbrite, Mailchimp, Meetup and other low-cost and no-cost digital tools
  • a thorough understanding of the essential components of running a small business
  • understood the process of setting up a website and best practices to ensure it’s found by Google
  • written a basic business plan
  • created terms and conditions to safeguard profitability, minimise stress and maximise efficiency
  • understood the basics of outsourcing and how to do it effectively and ethically

What will be covered in this build a business course?

Online business models

Together, we examine popular online business models, with a particular emphasis on selling services online.

Deciding on your side business idea

We choose your side business idea, finding the sweet spot between your skills and experience, your passion and perspective, and what the market values and is willing to pay for.

Identifying your ideal clients and target market

We look at how to research, identify and survey your target market and how to better identify exactly who your ideal clients are so that your marketing is compelling and powerfully effective.

Branding fundamentals, including how to write your bio

We look at the fundamentals of effective branding and how to write your bio, get your elevator pitch humming, and start talking about yourself without the ‘ekk’ awkward factor.

Writing your marketing plan

It doesn’t matter how good your business idea is – marketing is essential if you want it to work. Together we write our marketing plan.

Digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing

We examine essential marketing techniques, including your content marketing strategy, social media marketing, email marketing and blogging.

Getting your website live and SEO essentials

We look at the pros and cons of the most popular, low-cost website platforms, plan our website and explore the fundamentals of SEO so that we can help Google to love our website.

Setting goals and making money

Together, we set meaningful, practical goals for your side business, including revenue targets, and learn the fundamentals of how to sell effectively online.

Boundaries and self-care

Especially when you’re managing a job as well as building a side gig, good boundaries are the difference between stress and satisfaction, overwhelm and calm, no cash and a thriving bank balance. We look at structures, routines and attitudes that will help you to better manage your time, automate as many processes as possible, and ensure that your business is sustainable and you’re thriving for many years to come.

What to bring to class

  • Any passwords to sites you may have already signed up for, including Facebook, Instagram, your website, and your email marketing tool, if you’ve got one.

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Build a Side Business Course

<p>Learn the best way to make extra money with our <a href="">personal investment short courses</a> in Sydney.</p>


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This class will be offered in Rozelle.

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for Build a Side Business Course

If there isn't a class to suit you, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when we have places available. Join waitlist for Build a Side Business Course