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    Have you always admired floral design but don't know how to put together a cohesive bouquet? Why not surprise your guests at your next dinner party with an exquisite flower arrangement? You could even explore traditional Japanese techniques, including Ikebana and Kokedama, in one of our floristy short courses.

    The courses are run at our campus in Rozelle by qualified and dynamic tutors.

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    Learn to create stunning floral arrangements with our floristry short courses in Sydney! This Floristry Course for Beginners is a great place to start if you're thinking about floristry as a career or you just want to learn to create floral displays for your home. This course will teach you the basics of floral design, such as what the best flowers are to choose for your display, how to design a table setting, and knowing how to make your floral arrangement last. With this...

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    Floristry Course for Beginners

    <p>Learn to create stunning floral arrangements with our <a href="">floristry short courses</a> in Sydney!</p>


    $349 Limited inc GST / $279.20 / $296.65 / $314.10
    The course fee includes materials valued at $250. You will go home with your own beautiful flowers.

    Learn Ikebana - the art of Japanese flower arrangement with our floristry short courses in Sydney! Basic Ikebana accords to simple rules and principles. This course is designed to teach authentic Ohara School Ikebana techniques and build an understanding of ancient Japanese art, which evokes the sensitive beauty of nature and the stunning style of formative art. Ohara Style Ikebana is unique for its emphasis on seasonal qualities, natural growth processes and the beauty of natural...

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