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    Do you find communication or small-talk challenging? Do you have certain goals you can't quite reach and don't understand why? Have you ever wondered why we think and behave the way we do? Our psychology courses can empower you with the skills and knowledge to better understand yourself and others.

    We offer courses at our campus in Rozelle taught by experienced and engaging tutors.

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    Learn psychology at our communication courses in Sydney. Understanding how your mind works and why change can be difficult is the first step in getting where you want to be. This NLP course will teach you effective techniques that can make the difference between being stuck and moving on. Change is often perceived as being hard and therefore we often end up stuck. However, once you have an effective toolkit, change becomes much easier. In our NLP Course, we will provide...

    Learn more about NLP Course: Empower Yourself for Change
    NLP Course: Empower Yourself for Change

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    $249 Limited inc GST / $199.20 / $211.65 / $224.10

    Learn communication skills with our communication & psychology courses in Sydney. Want to improve the way you communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and your partner? NLP includes a series of techniques that will help you refine and enhance how you communicate with others. Come away feeling more confident and assertive and with better communication skills. Improve all of the relationships in your life as a result. Learning outcomes By the end of this NLP communication skills...

    Learn more about NLP Course: Communication Skills
    NLP Course: Communication Skills

    <p>Learn communication skills with our <a href="">communication</a> &amp; <a href="https://

    $279 Limited inc GST / $223.20 / $237.15 / $251.10

    Get to know yourself and step into the world of social science with this practical psychology short course, as part of our psychology short courses in Sydney. Ever wondered why you click with some people but not others? Or why your kids are so different from one another? Have you found that some jobs drain you even though you’re capable of completing them? Is there a person that you want to be but you are held back by something deeper? These are the sorts of questions that our...

    Learn more about Practical Psychology Course for Beginners

    Learn to use NLP with our Psychology courses in Sydney. If you want to learn about weight loss, this workshop is for you. Tried every diet around and still overweight? That's probably because you haven't dealt with your eating strategy, eating anchors, emotional issues around eating, and your values concerning health. This workshop uses neurolinguistic programming techniques to deal with all of the above, and more, to change the way you think about food. This workshop is sure to...

    Learn more about NLP Course: NLP for Weight Loss